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Terms of Use

  1. General
    • The Company respects the privacy of its website’s Users and/or Users of various services offered in its website. The purpose of this policy, which is an integral part of the Terms of Use, is to review, inter alia, the manner in which the Company uses information provided by website Users and/or that it collects when visitors use its website, and the manner in which Users consume the website’s content and/or the content they are exposed to through the website.
    • The Company is entitled to modify the provisions of this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect technological, business, legal or regulatory changes. Such changes will be included in this Privacy Policy and published on the website. Your use of the website after such changes will imply your consent of said changes, and therefore we recommend you review this Privacy Policy from time to time.
    • All definitions and terms used in this Privacy Policy will have the meaning stipulated in the Terms of Use, unless otherwise required by their context.
  2. Registration and Transfer of Information to the Company
    • Some of the website’s services require the provision of personal information. When you (the User) request services from the Company, you will be required to provide personal information, such as your name, address, preferred communication method and/or email address. Mandatory fields are clearly marked. Without providing the information requested in the mandatory fields, you will not be able to send the Company a request for information (hereinafter, Registration).
    • The Company has a database where your details are stored, which is used for direct mailing and to contact customers, to improve the data, manage customers groups, for research, sales management, marketing and customer acquisition.
    • It is hereby noted that you do not have any legal obligation to provide the aforementioned information, and that providing the information is subject to your willingness and consent to do so. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, completing some of the fields during the Registration process constitutes an essential condition for obtaining services from the Company.
    • You hereby declare that any information you provide and/or update on the website is accurate, reliable and correct, and that you registered and/or provided the details in your own name and for yourself only, and not on behalf of and/or for third parties, except in cases in which you were explicitly authorized to do so. The information you provided even as a guest, as well as any additional information about you and your actions or activities on the website will be stored in the Company’s database described hereinabove, and will be used in accordance with the purposes of the database, the Privacy Policy and any legal provisions.
  3. Data Collection and Use
    • The Company is entitled to collect and use the data you provided on the date of Registration and/or the data accumulated about you, including when you use the website, to improve, enrich or modify the website, the services and content offered on the website, and also to notify you about sales and/or services offered by the Company, by any entity on behalf of the Company, and/or by third parties with which the Company maintains business relationships or cooperation. Furthermore, the Company is entitled to use the data for marketing and statistical purposes, and to provide the statistical information to third parties, including advertisers, subject to the conditions of the Privacy Policy. Such statistical information will not identify you individually.
    • Furthermore, the Company is entitled to use the information received from you and/or information collected about you also in the following cases: To contact you if needed; to maintain the website and/or the system, and to improve the information and content the Company offers in its website.
    • Without prejudice to the aforementioned, subject to you providing your contact details to the Company and your consent to receive direct mailings, the Company will be entitled to send to you, from time to time, via email and/or other communication methods you indicated, information about its services, and marketing and advertising information about the Company. You will be entitled to cancel your consent at any time and cease receiving such information by clicking here ( or by clicking Remove at the end of the page.
    • The website uses cookies (hereinafter, Cookies) for its proper and continuous operation, and also to collect statistical data about the website’s use; verify details; adapt its content to the personal preferences of each User; specify the products suitable for each User; display ads when the User visits the Company’s website or other websites; and for information security purposes. Some of these Cookies expire when you close your browser, and others are stored in your computer’s hard drive. Cookies contain various types of data, such as the pages you visited, the time you spent on each page, where did you come to the website from, sections and information you reviewed, and more. Furthermore, Cookies can store information about your browsing habits in other websites, including websites you visited, the pages on those websites and any other activity on those websites. The information in Cookies is encrypted, and the Company takes every precaution to ensure that only the computers of the Company or an entity on its behalf can read and understand the information stored in said Cookies.
    • If you do not want to receive Cookies, you can change the settings in your browser. Remember, however, that changing your browser’s settings to prevent receive Cookies will not enable you to use some of the services and content on the website.
  4. Transfer of Information to Third Parties
    • The Company will take reasonable and usual measures to safeguard and prevent the transfer of personal details that identify you with your name and/or identification, for example, name and address, to third parties, except for the following cases: According to your request and/or with your explicit consent; in the framework of the Company’s activities with the chain’s concessioners; in the framework of cooperation with companies that are related to the Company in its business; in any event in which Users breach the Terms of Use, including the conditions of this Privacy Policy; and/or in cases in which the Users and/or any entity on their behalf executed or attempted to execute, through the website and/or in relation to it, activities that are contrary to the provisions of the Terms of Use, including this Privacy Policy, including all legal provisions; due to a judicial decree that orders the Company to provide the information to third parties; due to any disagreement, claim, lawsuit, request and/or legal proceedings that are conducted between you and/or on your behalf and the Company and/or any entity on the Company’s behalf; in any event in which the Company believes that providing the information is necessary to prevent severe damage or harm to the assets and/or body of the Company, the Users and/or third parties, or to prevent any other severe damage at the Company’s sole discretion; in the event the Company transferred and/or assigned its operations and/or its privileges and liabilities towards its Users to third parties, and provided the third parties as aforementioned undertake to follow the provisions detailed in this Privacy Policy.
    • The aforementioned does not derogate from the Company’s right to transfer to third parties information that is not personal, which cannot identify the Users with their name and/or with their personal identity directly.
  5. Information Security
    • The Company makes all possible efforts to protect the confidentiality of the data provided by its website’s users and customers, takes normal precautions and uses advanced information security technologies. You hereby acknowledge that the Company invests resources and takes strict measures to prevent penetration to its website and avoid possible harm to your privacy, but the Company cannot hermetically prevent disruptions to its website.
    • The Company uses SSL protection and encryption methods, which are used in electronic commerce in Israel and in the United States for operations that involve the provision of online information, and adhere to the requirements of any law. The aforementioned protection methods are aimed at ensuring the flow of encrypted information from the Users’ computers upon making a purchase and the servers in the Company’s website.
    • The Company makes all efforts possible and obtains the assistance of technological security mechanisms and advanced institutions to secure its website, the communications via the website and the information in its possession, against incidental or intentional exploitation, misuse, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. Communications between the computers of the Users or visitors to the website and the Company’s computers are secured using standard encryption methods, in accordance with common standards. Furthermore, the Company takes reasonable precautions to protect its website and its operational hardware and software components and updates them regularly, inter alia, to protect the website and its contents against penetration, hacking or unauthorized bugging.
    • The Company also regularly receives updates about technological hardware and software developments to provide its website’s Users and customers with the best protection against penetration or hacking, including unauthorized access to its databases. Notwithstanding, the Company hereby stipulates that in cases which are beyond its control and/or which stem from force majeure, it does not undertake to ensure that the website will be managed suitably, without disruption, and/or that the website and/or the data collected in it and/or which was provided as aforementioned will be completely immune from unauthorized access and/or penetration to the Company’s databases, and that the Users are aware that the Company will not be responsible for any damage and/or loss, directly or indirectly, of any type, caused as a result, including damage to privacy.
  6. Contacting the Company for Matters Relating to Privacy
    • In accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, every person is entitled to inspect, in person or through a representative so authorized, any information regarding such person that is kept in a database. You are entitled, in person, or through a representative authorized on your behalf, to inspect any information about you that is kept in the Company’s database, including requesting the Company to correct said information if it is incorrect, complete or accurate. To exercise this right, you have to send a written request to the Company via the Contact Us
    • If you have any question and/or require clarifications and/or have any comments regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you desire to delete, change and/or correct your personal information, please send an email to Alternatively, you are welcome to send a letter to the office at 60 Ramat Yam Street, Daniel hotel, Hertzlia Pituach. In all correspondence with the Company, please include your complete details, including contact address and email. The Company will attempt to respond to any reasonable request within a reasonable period of time.
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