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ANGLO-SAXON Herzliya Pituach

Daniel Hotel Ramat Yam 60, Herzliya Pituach

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Directions to the office

  1. At the main entrance of the hotel turn right.
  2. Pass the reception and continue straight.
  3. Use elevators 1 or 2 at the right end of the corridor.
  4. Go to floor 0
  5. Exit the elevator, turn left and immediately right.

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Parking area:

  1. opposite the Daniel Hotel and along Ramat Yam Street, free of charge to residents of Herzliya.
  2. Asphalt parking adjacent to the Daniel Hotel to the north, free of charge to the public.
  3. A parking lot, on the right after a bus stop to the north, free of charge.
  4. A parking lot in front of the hotel – Ramat Rehovot and Etzel streets, for a fee.
  5. An organized parking lot, adjacent to the Benedict restaurant in the north, free of charge during the winter.
  6. The dirt parking lot, walking distance from the hotel on the streets of Zohar Tal and Hagvura, is free of charge on Sundays through Thursdays.