The Herzliya Bet Dilemma: New or Old House?

Anyone who drives around the streets of Herzliya Bet cannot miss the massive number of building constractions, something not seen for many years. On Nordau Street there are a number of apartment projects in various stages of construction and several new single-family houses which are in process.

In the new part of Herzliya Bet, east of Hamesila Street, one can see a large number of houses going up on lots of about 300 square meters. Most of these houses will be occupied by young families.

But there are also older houses in the neighborhood, set on larger lots and being offered for sale. These properties are also attracting young families, as older residents move to apartments in the area.

Some of the older houses are built on lots of about 500 square meters. This type of property is suitable for buyers who want more space for a garden and a large swimming pool, and who can achieve their dream house by renovating the existing home, or by demolishing it and starting from scratch.

According to Gadi Blumberg, the son of the founder of Anglo Saxon and manager of the Herzliya Bet Department, “The customers who are contacting me about buying real estate in Herzliya Bet fall into two groups: Some prefer to buy a new, modern house, while others prefer an older house for renovation, because of the opportunity to obtain a larger lot of land.”

Last month Gadi sold a house of 300 square meters built on a lot of 500 square meters in a wonderful location in Herzliya Bet for NIS 4,800,000. The buyers are a young couple whose parents are residents of Kfar Shmaryahu.

Gadi currently has exclusive marketing rights for a similar property set on a corner lot of 477 square meters with a house of about 300 square meters that offers enormous renovation potential.

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