Anglo-Saxon is making a new start, expanding, and moving to the luxurious Daniel Hotel!

Anglo-Saxon is making a new start, expanding, and moving to the luxurious Daniel Hotel!
After 16 years at De Shalit Square – Anglo-Saxon Herzliya Pituach is moving to its new location at the renovated Daniel Hotel!

For many years, the offices of Anglo-Saxon have been an inseparable part of the real estate market in Israel, of the landscape of Herzliya Pituach in general, and of De Shalit Square in particular. Now, after 16 years in the Square, the Company is moving to new, luxurious offices in the renovated Daniel Hotel.

The move to the Hotel, just before the Jewish New Year, constitutes a turning point in the activity of the Company, which is owned and managed by Eytan Blumberg
As part of the renewal and growth process, new departments will be opened – property management and maintenance, short term rentals, and embassies. In addition, the company is recruiting new agents for existing departments in order to provide a response to the increased demand in this area.
One of the significant reasons for the move is the increased of activity in the luxury residential department –the Exclusive Selection.
This department was established several years ago in order to provide a response to demand for luxurious and unique properties. Over the years, this department has become the core of the Company’s efforts.
As part of the department’s development, marketing activity has increased and new elements focusing on the sale of such assets were added, such as aerial photography, using drones, which provides images and videos of the properties from a different prospective. We have also expanded to locating assets suitable for the customers’ needs.
These elements, alongside the various advertising and marketing tools, supply a wide range of options that are specifically suited to the requirements of the customer and the specific property.
We talked with Eytan Blumberg, the CEO and owner of Anglo-Saxon, in order to receive additional details.

What are the reasons for the move?

Eytan: “We see the renovated Daniel Hotel as being compatible with the Company’s character and the ideal work environment for us. Luxury and innovation are our guiding values in the promotion and sale of properties. The new offices offer our team of consultants a discreet work environment for meeting with our various customers. The location of the hotel on the coastline will give us a great advantage and will enable us to expand our specialization in this area.
In addition, the hotel’s guests – Israeli guests, foreign residents and businessmen – are our target customers, so the hotel environment will enable us to increase our exposure and maximize the process of marketing and selling the properties.”


This is a significant change for you. Wasn’t it difficult to take this step?

Eytan: “This is indeed a change and the start of a new period.

Sixteen years ago, the De Shalit Square was neglected and a large number of stores stood vacant for long periods of time. When we moved to offices in the Square, which were used previously as a grocery store, this was seen as a strange and puzzling choice. There weren’t any real estate agencies in De Shalit Square at that time, but, following our move, other agencies began to move into the area.

We are choosing to make a change and move out of our comfort zone. Just as in other branches of the economy, the real-estate market is undergoing a significant change, which is expressed by the fact that there is far less significance in having a location on a busy street.

The business arena is on the Internet today, and that’s where we are placing our faith.

Alongside advertising in the print media, we are investing far more in advertising on websites, and promoting and advertising in the digital media.


What is the uniqueness of the Exclusive Selection department?

Eytan: “We supply a variety of advertising and marketing options.
We make sure to tailor the marketing plan to the property and the client, meaning that we are acting on two levels. The first is in terms of sales: from advertising in the local newspapers, through the national newspapers and, literally, up to the skies – advertising in EL Al’s in-flight magazine, ‘Atmosphere.’
The second is marketing, working with entities in Israel and abroad – contact people, agents, relevant professionals, and so on – where our role is to represent the owner of the property in dealing with these entities.
We see ourselves as being responsible for obtaining the best price for the property at a particular point in time, whether it’s through the company’s customers or through various cooperative partnerships.
Either way, the seller’s best interest is always our first priority.”

Are there property holders who granted you exclusivity and later felt that you failed to meet their expectations?

Eytan: “I’m happy to say: “No.”

Sometimes they are disappointed that the property isn’t selling, but at the same time they continue working with us, and renew the exclusivity agreement, out of an appreciation of the marketing and sales efforts that we are making.
The causes for this are, first and foremost, good communication with the sellers, and a partnership with them throughout the process.
We explain the whole process in detail and everything that we intend to do, and, in addition, we sign a detailed agreement that explains all of our tasks clearly.
The property owner receives ongoing reports and monthly updates by email regarding all of the activity that has taken place.”

Do you sell all of the property for which you received exclusivity?

Eytan: “Unfortunately, no. We can’t guarantee the sale of a property.
At the same time, we are committed to investing time, effort and money in order to make the maximum effort
From our research we have concluded that the right marketing effort increases the chances of selling the property. by at least 50 percent.”

Do you feel that there has been a change in the issue of exclusivity compared to previous years?

Eytan: “Absolutely. We feel that there is greater readiness and openness, mainly in the luxury residential niche.
Our advertising and marketing efforts are bearing fruit, and exposure in the various media emphasizes the importance of granting exclusivity.”

For additional information regarding our luxury properties department, please contact us at:
Tel. 09-9562256 or email:

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