Herzliya Heights – Melrose Place in Israel!

Herzliya Heights

Herzliya Heights

Mention “apartment hotel” and “Herzliya,” and the first thought that comes to mind is of course Herzliya Heights on El Al Street. It was the first complex of its kind in Israel, built in 1974 by an American entrepreneur who had planned it as a hotel, but could not complete construction due to financial problems.

The building stood unfinished for a long time, until the late Dave Blumberg, founder of the Anglo-Saxon chain, put forward a revolutionary proposal to turn the building into the first apartment hotel in Israel, offering short-term rentals with hotel services. Under this revamped business model, the entrepreneur was able to complete the construction. At first the apartments were sold to private individuals and rented out for short periods. Eventually some of the buyers decided to take back the apartments for their own use, and after a few years short-term rentals in the building ceased.

In 1982, due to the demand for apartments in the building, Dave built another building on the other side of the swimming pool and added a tennis court to the project. The second building was designed in South African style that made full use of the sunlight, with open corridors and a balcony for every apartment.
Right from the start the complex was enormously successful and was always in demand, arousing interest due to the sea views, the wonderful location, the young and vibrant atmosphere, and – the crowning glory – the swimming pool and tennis court. Most of the first buyers came from overseas; the most famous buyer was Arnon Milchan, the Hollywood producer, who still owns a penthouse on half a floor facing west, and who often entertains celebrities and leading social and political figures there, such as Barbra Streisand, President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Most of the apartments in the complex have two rooms, but there are also larger apartments with three and four rooms, as well as penthouses. The other attraction of the building is its location in the Herzliya Bet area on a hill facing Herzliya Pituah and the sea. Its elevated location gives it superb views of the sea to the west, of Tel Aviv to the south, and Nof Yam and beyond to the north. The proximity to Route 2, the Ayalon Highway and a railway station provides quick access by car or by public transport.

The building also has a floor of offices, which benefit from the accessible location, walking distance from the industrial zone over a bridge, and of course, use of the tennis courts and pool.

Gadi Blumberg, manager of the Herzliya Bet Department at Anglo-Saxon, who is following in the footsteps of his father, the late Dave Blumberg, has lived in the complex since 1982, and says: “The large swimming pool and the cooling breeze, which is always present thanks to the elevated location, make for a fantastic atmosphere and a wonderful place to spend the hot summer days. There’s a sense of an exclusive, high quality and unique place.”

Gadi notes that an apartment in Herziya Heights is being exclusively marketed by him: “It is a large apartment of 113 square meters, with four rooms on the ninth floor, with amazing western and southern views; you can see all of Herzliya Pituah, the shoreline to the north, and south to Tel Aviv”.

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