Herzliya Bet Marches Onward

Following developments in the new area of Herzliya B, the municipality is vigorously investing in infrastructure, building new roads, replacing sewage lines and improving the look of the neighborhood.

At this time, a new road connecting Hardufim street and Dov Hoz street is being paved parallel to Hamesila street.  Nof Shadmot street has also been repaired and new sidewalks have been built there.  On most of the streets, sewage pipes are being replaced, and the northern part has been connected to the new sewage purification center.

As part of the renewal efforts in the neighborhood, the old Brandes school has also undergone a massive renovation.

We can see that, on the road to Ra’anana, work has begun on Road 541, on the segment connecting Highway 6 to the Ayalon freeway, and the access from the east to the Herzliya B and Kfar Shmaryahu area will be wonderfully improved.  When the Ayalon freeway is connected to Road 541, the railway tracks will pass along a new path.

The developing area is attracting a high-to-middle class population to the neighborhood.  The construction momentum is continuing and the track area has been built rapidly.  The neighborhood’s location enables easy access to the Coastal Highway, the Ayalon freeway, and the train, and is close to a large shopping center, an industrial area and Herzliya Park.

According to Gadi Bloomberg, the manager of the Herzliya B area for Anglo-Saxon Herzliya Pituach, “land prices in the neighborhood are set according to proximity to the railway tracks.  For instance, a 320 sq.m. plot next to the track was offered for sale at a price of NIS 2.35 million, while the price of a more interior plot of similar size may climb by hundreds of thousands of shekels.  The price level of the plots ranges from NIS  6500 to NIS 8500 per sq.m., depending on the location of the plot, the building rights, and how much can be built on it.”

Gadi concludes: “In light of the acceleration of development, construction, the change in the path of the train tracks, and the future access from the area to Highway 6, I estimate that purchasing a property or plot in the neighborhood will be seen as worthwhile in the next few years.”

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